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C programming is not so tough if we study it in proper sequence. Once we get started in correct sequence the fear from it start to go. Now the question is “what is the correct way of learning C”. Answer is simple and well known -

  1. Learn concept and instantly apply it to write a program, run it an debug it until it is compiled well. If it does not serve your desired task, then modify it to do the desired.
  2. The next lesson must contain what you learnt till now. This is the way which make revise automatically & no extra burden remains to revise the things.
  3. During learning effort should be given only on writing a program based on the learnt concept. This improves your depth of understanding the concept.

Hence, let us start with programming. Little concept, then programming and again little concept, then programming. Note that, here I am suggesting you to read the concept, then read the task and do programming yourself. does it work? No… then correct it to work well. Do effort again and again and finally you will get success. Now you  may see our program against your program for comparative analysis. I hope it will help you to learn C in well mannered way. All the best. Proceed and learn C…


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